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Kyle Washington on playing for the U: "That would be great. Playing in my hometown city."

07/09/2012, 7:51pm CDT
By Chris Monter

Washington has received offers from schools such as Baylor, Florida, Louisville, Washington, Notre Dame, Central Michigan, Minnesota, Miami, West Virginia, Drake, Iowa State, Marquette, Penn State, Wisconsin and Xavier.

Kyle Washington, a 6-foot-8 ½ and 211-pound rising senior who transferred from St. Louis Park (MN) Benilde St. Margaret’s to Lakeville (CT) Hotchkiss this past year, is back in the Twin Cities to play for the Howard Pulley AAU program this summer. recently caught up with Washington to learn the latest on his recruitment, his summer plans and the possibility of planning college basketball at Minnesota.
Washington has picked many major basketball offers since being reclassified as a member of the Class of 2013. His father, Curtis, played at St. Thomas Aquinas in New York. He was named All-Met Division II Player of the Year in 1986.
Washington has received offers from schools such as Baylor, Florida, Louisville, Washington, Notre Dame, Central Michigan, Minnesota, Miami, West Virginia, Drake, Iowa State, Marquette, Penn State, Wisconsin and Xavier and added some new offers to the long list.
Gopher Hole: What was experience like playing at the Amare Stoudemire Camp?
Kyle Washington: It was great. It was just great being around basketball minds, learning every day and being challenged by best big men in the country and trying to show that you are one of the best big men in the country. It was a great experience through and through.
Gopher Hole: Do you think that was a good experience because if you play against a team that doesn’t have a good big man, you are not really get challenged? In any event, like the Amare Stoudemire Camp, everyone is a good big man who wants to prove how good they are.
Kyle Washington: Exactly. It is like when you go against someone who is your size, you get really excited and that was all weekend, so I was happy to do that. That was great. It was a great experience, just learning from ex-NBA guys and everything.
Gopher Hole: Does doing well there give you even confidence that you can play at a high level?
Kyle Washington: It gives more confidence in just going against the best players. I was on a two-week stretch where I was just surrounded by the best players, so I was just happy to be around that. I think that it elevated my game, so I was happy with that.
Gopher Hole: What was the NBA camp experience like the week before that? 
Kyle Washington: The NBA camp experience was great. Being around ex-NBA pros. Being around teachers of the game, at a high level. Being around all that media. It was just great experience. Being at the University of Virginia was just great. I was really excited about that.
Gopher Hole: What is the latest on your college recruitment right now?
Kyle Washington: I don’t want to release my list right yet, but I want to keep making visits. I just visited Notre Dame, so that was good. I want to make visits and break it down to my final five.  
Gopher Hole: Any new offers?
Kyle Washington: Seton Hall, Memphis and Georgia Tech.
Gopher Hole: How many offers are you up to right now?
Kyle Washington: Like 19. Something like that.  
Gopher Hole: Do you have any other plans to visit some schools this summer?
Kyle Washington: I am going to try to get down to a lot of different places. I don’t know yet, so I am not going to release any yet. I am just going to keep making visits the whole summer.
Gopher Hole: But you are still open to new schools, right?
Kyle Washington: I’m still open to new schools. I haven’t broken it down yet, but once I break it down, I am going to focusing on those, so I can enjoy my senior season.
Gopher Hole: What are your plans for July?
Kyle Washington: I am going out to D.C. and playing in the Global Games. I am going to the Lebron James Skills Academy (July 6-9). I’ll be in the tournament with Rene (Pulley) and Love (Coach Harris) in Kansas City at the end of the month.
Gopher Hole: What about the upcoming season? Most prep schools generally have mostly post graduates on their roster. What is your team going to be like?
Kyle Washington: I don’t know what I am going to do for high school yet because I am going to leave Hotchkiss, but I don’t know where I am going.
Gopher Hole: Where do you think that you might end up?
Kyle Washington: Probably South Kent. It will probably be that move. I have gotten to know the coaches and I am really comfortable with them now.
Gopher Hole: What are you hearing from the hometown school?
Kyle Washington: The Gophers, they are great. I need to call Tubby, because he left a message and I was with my family, so I am sorry that I missed his call. They are great. Just playing against these players (in the Howard Pulley Summer League) and seeing who they are bringing in. They are bringing in athletic bigs, which would challenge me every day, so I am just happy about that.
Gopher Hole: You have probably grown up a little being away from home, but is it nice to be back home for a few weeks?
Kyle Washington: It is beautiful being back home. Just seeing all the people I have been looking up to and getting older and now playing against them. That is great and I am just happy about that
Gopher Hole: What would it mean to play for the Gophers?
Kyle Washington: That would be great. Playing in my hometown city. I just have to keep thinking about it and taking visits.
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