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Fran McCaffery

J.B.'s Jottings - July 23, 2012

07/23/2012, 7:00am CDT
By J.B. Bauer

Iowa's McCaffery gets new deal, Tubby does not; Pulley in EYBL Update

Still waiting on Tubby's contract ; Iowa's Fran McCaffery gets new deal; Howard Pulley with a strong finish to EYBL season.

Frozen in Time: Tubby's Contract in World's Longest Eleventh Hour
It's been more than a month since new Minnesota AD Norwood Teague officially took office and well over a year since the U's administration confirmed a new contract was being negotiated with men's basketball coach Tubby Smith.  As there is obviously an enormous difference in the desired termination provisions between the school and coach, the problems getting a deal done are not surprising.

The University has been restating their expectations that a new contract would soon be finalized and that includes new President Eric Kaler and Teague, who said on day one as athletic director that a new deal with Tubby was in the "eleventh hour."

Minnesota would have been better served by simply explaining that contracts are routinely considered by the University and that there is no rush to renegotiate a deal with Smith, who still is under contract for the next two seasons. 

Something like, "We are fortunate to have coach Smith here and look forward to a strong season.  There is plenty of time to negotiate a contract extension and we'll let you know when there is something done, but time is not of the essence as there are still two years on the existing contract."  Sounds fair, right?

Two Years in, Fran McCaffery Gets a New Deal
Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery led his team to 8 conference victories last season and they'll aim for more this year.  Despite losing senior Matt Gatens (15.2 ppg, 41.0% 3FG), the roster is talented and well balanced, not to mention it's nice to see a team actually push the pace a bit in the Big Ten.

The deal goes through the 2018-19 season and while McCaffery's 2012-13 guaranteed pay as compared to the prior contract didn't take a huge leap (approximately 13%), the new agreement will reward him nicely should the team reach the NCAA tournament.

For the six years beginning in 2013-14, there are two guaranteed compensation schedules: one he stays on until Iowa reaches the NCAA tournament, and one he'll move to if the team goes dancing.  The difference in pay is $200,000 per year.  In addition, there is a one-time bonus available for reaching the tournament in 2012-13.

Iowa wants to win now and the contract shows it.

Take scenario A: McCaffery remains the head coach for the next 7 years, but the team never quite makes the tournament.  In scenario B, Iowa reaches the NCAA tournament this coming year, but fails to in the following 6 years.  The additional compensation McCaffery would receive in scenario B as compared to A is $1.35 million.  For a coach who just got a raise that will pay him a guaranteed $1.3 million this season, an additional $1.35 million isn't an inconsequential amount.

At the same time, Iowa didn't overdo the contract.  Although an official release from the program claims that "the base salary moves McCaffery to the upper half of the Big Ten Conference in comparison to his colleagues", he's not even close.

As a comparison, under Tubby Smith's existing deal he is guaranteed nearly $2.2 million in 2012-13 or 66% more than McCaffery's guaranteed payments.

Howard Pulley in Nike EYBL Peach Jam
The Howard Pulley Panthers made it to the Peach Jam quarterfinals this weekend before falling to the eventual champion Oakland Soldiers and future NBA first round pick Aaron Gordon.  Overall it was a very impressive run by Pulley in the EYBL this season, which began with an April session in Eagan.

Tyus Jones was the league's top scorer this weekend with 25.8 per game.  The 2014 point guard shot 63% from the field and led the Peach Jam with 67% accuracy from three-point range (10/15) and an 89% conversion rate at the line (31/35). 

Jones added 6.5 assists per game, second-best at the Peach Jam.  A number of those assists went to sharpshooter Anders Broman whose 24 three-pointers made was tops for all players this weekend (24/48 for 50%).

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