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Q&A With Gophers Freshman Charles Buggs

10/15/2012, 4:00pm CDT
By Nadine Babu

Charles Buggs' performance on Friday night left many Gopher fans expecting an early contribution from the freshman.

One of the players creating a lot of buzz coming out of the Gophers Friday All-Star Friday Night this past week was freshman Charles Buggs. The 6-8 big man from Arlington, Texas has versatility, athleticism and a high-basketball IQ that has fans and coaches excited to see him contribute early in his career.

GopherHole’s Nadine Babu caught up with the freshman to learn about his transition at the U, his style of play and his thoughts on the season.


GH: How have the first few months at the U going for you?

CB: Oh it’s been good. Pretty busy, they keep us very busy. I like the classes and we’re having workouts. It’s been pretty good.  


GH: How much weight have you gained since you’ve been here?

CB: I’ve gained about 5 pounds since I’ve been here.


GH: How much do you want to gain?

CB: I want to gain at least 15-20, but not too much because I’ll lose some speed and agility.


GH: Has Rodney given you any tips on gaining weight as I know this is a journey he’s been on too?

CB: Oh yes, I’m always asking Rodney questions. He’s always telling me how he’s done this and that and he’s always giving me tips.


GH: What are your impressions of the team in open gyms and workouts?

CB: Real good. We’re a really close team. We hang out a lot off the court all the time.


GH: Who has surprised you the most in person on the court?

CB: I think Julian. I didn’t know he could shoot that well.


GH: Who do you match up with in most scrimmages?

CB: I’d say Rodney because we play a lot of the same positions. It’s difficult but I do my best.


GH: What do you expect your role this year?

CB: I need to make sure I get a lot of rebounds. I can shoot a little bit too, but I am going to focus on my rebounding.


GH: For Gopher fans that haven’t seen you play, how would you describe your game?

CB: Since I have been here, I have been doing a lot of shooting. I am fast and I like to get out and run.

GH: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

CB: I’m 6-8 and weigh about 200 pounds.


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