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New Gophers Commit Alex Foster: "I felt that Minnesota was always there for me."

10/21/2012, 6:00pm CDT
By Chris Monter

Alex Foster is the second member of the Gophers 2013 recruiting class.

Alex Foster, a 6-foot-7, 219-pound forward from Chicago (IL) Seton Academy, recently committed to Minnesota. Foster, who is one of the top players in a loaded Class of 2013 big man from Illinois, visited Minnesota three weeks ago and attend the Gopher football game versus Syracuse. caught up with Foster to learn the latest on his decision.
Foster led the DeLaSalle to a 17-7 mark last season, losing to Bogan in the Class 4A Mount Carmel regional title game 79-63, despite Mean Streets AAU teammate and fellow Gopher commit Alvin Ellis, finishing with a career-high 42 points.
Foster will play South Holland (IL) Seton Academy this fall.
Gopher Hole: What is the feeling now that you have committed?
Alex Foster: It was a weight off my shoulders. I thought that I wanted to commit before the November signing to focus on my senior season. I am happy with the decision.
Gopher Hole: You had talked about visiting Tennessee and Auburn. Why did you decide to commit before making those visits?
Alex Foster: I felt that Minnesota was always there for me. They never backed down their recruitment as some other colleges did. I felt the loyalty there, so that made me think that they are loyal people. Basically that and I didn’t want to beat around the bush when it came to picking a college.
Gopher Hole: How big was Alvin committing to your decision to come to Minnesota?
Alex Foster: It was a deciding factor, but it was not a huge one. I’ve known him since I was in sixth grade, so me and him have great chemistry, so that is a plus, but it wasn’t a huge factor.
Gopher Hole: Had you been talking to him since he committed?
Alex Foster: Actually, no I haven’t.
Gopher Hole: What was his reaction when you committed? Did you talk to him before you committed or after you committed? 
Alex Foster: I believe that he sent something on Twitter like “Welcome to the Gopher family.” We haven’t actually had a one-on-one talk since I haven’t seen him in awhile. The last time I have seen him was at the airport. That was the last time I have seen him.
Gopher Hole: I know that they are recruiting Gavin Schilling, another teammate of ours from last season. Have you and Alvin talked to him or will you be talking to him about maybe being the third Chicago guy to come to Minnesota?
Alex Foster: Of course. I haven’t talked to him recently. The last time I talked to him was when he congratulate me on some news, but I haven’t talked to him about going there, either, but I am pretty sure that he is open-minded about it.
Gopher Hole: How cool would it be to have all three of you playing at the same college?
Alex Foster: It would be like high school all over again, but instead of at a bigger place with fans.
Gopher Hole: You talked about having a weight off your shoulders. Can you tell a difference even though it has only been days knowing that you can just focus on basketball and just being a senior in high school?
Alex Foster: Yes, but I look at in a good way and not necessarily in a bad way. I kind of have a target on my back now whenever I play because “he is the one going to Minnesota.” That is what they will be thinking before they even step onto the court, but I have always seen a challenge all my life, so this is no different. I do feel the difference already.
Gopher Hole: How are things going at the new school and how excited are you about the upcoming season?
Alex Foster: School is fine. It is school, you know (Laughs). Everything is pretty much the same except for the fact that it is co-ed. That is the only difference about it and the coach is different. I am really excited about the upcoming season.
Gopher Hole: Had you had a lot of coaches coming up for open gyms?
Alex Foster: A few. The ones that we recruiting me and some that are recruiting players on my team.
Gopher Hole: Minnesota assistant Vince Taylor grew up in Chicago and has a lot of Chicago ties. Was that one of the main reason that you looked at Minnesota because of Coach Taylor?
Alex Foster: Honestly, it was just because it was a great fit for me. I just felt really comfortable with Coach Taylor, Coach Tubby, the assistant coach Saul and Coach Jirsa. All of them seemed like they were people of character. They were down home people and someone I could come to as family.
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