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Rashad Vaughn on Gophers/Spartans Game: "It was an amazing atmosphere."

01/04/2013, 6:45am CST
By Chris Monter

Vaughn on Gophers: ". I like how the Gophers are playing. They are getting up and down."

Rashad Vaughn, a 6-foot-5 junior guard from Robbinsdale Cooper, is a prized in-state recruit for the Minnesota Gophers. The number ten player in the Class of 2014, according to ESPN, attended the Minnesota-Michigan State game Monday. recently caught up with Vaughn Thursday night to learn the latest on his recruitment and big weekend of hoops ahead for him.

Gopher Hole: You have a couple of tough games this weekend at Hopkins, who is always one of the best teams in the state and Apple Valley at the Target Center Saturday. How excited are you about those two games coming up?

Rashad Vaughn: I’m pretty excited. The team is pretty excited. Two big games, so we have been really going hard in practice and getting focused and prepared to play these two games.

Gopher Hole: You just finished playing in the Bethel Tournament. How do you think that you are playing as a team?

Rashad Vaughn: We are young, but I think that we are playing good and every game, learning from our mistakes that we are doing and getting better every day as a team.

Gopher Hole: You are averaging about 28 points per game. How pleased are you with individual play so far this year?

Rashad Vaughn: I’m pretty pleased, but I could be doing a lot more. More rebounds. More assists. Averaging more. Just doing whatever I have to do to get us to win.

Gopher Hole: What things have you been really focusing on to improve yourself as a player this year?

Rashad Vaughn: Become a better leader for the team. Dribbling-wise and playing different positions and defense. Being able to guard any position.

Gopher Hole: You have had a lot of college coaches at your games. Do you notice them there or do you try not to? That has to make you feel proud. 

Rashad Vaughn: My coaches tell me one game that such and such will be there and another game, I wouldn’t know until after the game. Pretty much, I know sometimes, but not really, but it doesn’t really affect me, I just go out there and play.

Gopher Hole: Do you notice them though in the stands or do you try not to look up there?

Rashad Vaughn: Oh, yeah, I try not to look up there and just focus on the game.

Gopher Hole: You were at the Minnesota Gopher game against Michigan State. What was the atmosphere like?

Rashad Vaughn: It was an amazing atmosphere. The fans were going crazy. I like how the Gophers are playing. They are getting up and down. It was a pretty good game.

Gopher Hole: They are off to a really good start and they are one of the schools that you are looking at. They are ranked #9 in the country. Does that help them in terms of their recruitment of you or does it have much of an impact?

Rashad Vaughn: Not really. I don’t look at the rankings or what team is ranked this year.

Gopher Hole: What are going to be the main things that are going to make you pick School A over School B and C?

Rashad Vaughn: Relationship-wise with the coaches. If they play my style of play. That is about it, really. Relationship-wise is the main thing.

Gopher Hole: Have you even thought about making some official visit now that juniors can starting making official visit after January 1st as part of the new rule? 

Rashad Vaughn: No, I haven’t. Me and my parents, we are going to sit down one day and figure out what we are doing and all that. 

Gopher Hole: What schools are you hearing from the most right now?

Rashad Vaughn: I am hearing from Kentucky, Louisville, Florida, Minnesota, of course, Iowa State, Tennessee, Texas, Baylor, Kansas, Syracuse a lot, North Carolina a lot and others that I can’t think of right now.

Gopher Hole: Is being close to home going to be important or does that matter? Or do you care if you go away?

Rashad Vaughn: It really doesn’t matter how far. Location doesn’t really matter.

Gopher Hole: What would it mean to play for the homestate school?

Rashad Vaughn: It would be fun. My family could get the chance to see me. My friends and family. Really, it’s just your hometown, so it would be good.

Gopher Hole: Do you have friends or family who say it would be nice to see all your games if you stay here? Do you hear from friends and family like that?

Rashad Vaughn: They say that it would be nice to stay here so they could see me, but at the end of the day, they say that they would be happy wherever I go and it is your decision.

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