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Q&A: Jr Guard Marshawn Wilson Has Offers from Badgers, Cyclones, Interest From Gophers

11/28/2013, 8:45pm CST
By Chris Monter

WIlson already has offers from Wisconsin and Iowa State, and interest from the Gophers

Marshawn Wilson, a 6-2 junior guard from St/ Paul (MN) Hill-Murray, is one of the top athletes in the state. Gopher Hole caught up with Wilson after playing Apple Valley in the High Performance Jamboree to learn more about his recruitment.


Gopher Hole: How excited are you about starting the season soon after not playing varsity after transferring from Tartan last season?


Marshawn Wilson: I am really excited. Going up against Apple Valley, we just didn't play our game. I felt that we did not play our game. We didn't rebound hard enough. Hopefully, we can get that right by the start of the season.


Gopher Hole: They are obviously one of the best teams in the state. Did playing them open up some your eyes to that there are always things you can work on to continue to improve yourself?


Marshawn Wilson: Yes. There are always things that we can work on. We have to start out by rebounding the ball because we don't have the size that we did last year. We just have to rebound the ball. They are a good team.


Gopher Hole: You don't have anyone on your team that is over 6-foot-4. How important is that you become more of a rebounder and help out in that way?


Marshawn Wilson: That is going to be a big part. I just need to get back in there and offense rebound and defensive rebound. Hopefully, that will help the team.


Gopher Hole: What things have you been working on to continue to improve yourself as a player?


Marshawn Wilson: My ball handling. I have been doing ball handling drills all over the summer and getting stronger in the weight room.


Gopher Hole: How many offers do you have right now?


Marshawn Wilson: I'm not sure. It is probably like five or six.


Gopher Hole: Who all do you have offers from?


Marshawn Wilson: Iowa State, Colorado State, Wisconsin, UNI (Northern Iowa). Those are the ones that I can think of right now.


Gopher Hole: What other schools are you hearing from?


Marshawn Wilson: Marquette has been sending me letters. Georgetown has been sending me letters and Dayton.


Gopher Hole: I know that one of the reason that you transferred to Hill-Murray was to work a little bit more on your academics. How has that been so far and where do you stand right now academically?


Marshawn Wilson: It has been going great. That offseason last year, having me playing JV, I think that actually helped me, as a player and in the classroom. 


Gopher Hole: Did that make you focus even more on the academic side of it?


Marshawn Wilson: Yes, for sure.


Gopher Hole: I know that it is still early being only a junior, but have you had a chance to go to any college football games or visit any college campuses this fall?


Marshawn Wilson: I have been to a Wisconsin football game versus Penn State and I went to a couple of Gopher games/


Gopher Hole: What was the experience like at the Wisconsin- Penn State game?


Marshawn Wilson: I loved it. It has high intensity. I just loved it. 


Gopher Hole: Which Gopher games were you at?


Marshawn Wilson: I was at the homecoming game versus Iowa and I forgot the other game.


Gopher Hole: What are you hearing from the Gophers?


Marshawn Wilson: I went to a couple of practices with Henry (Ellenson) and Jarvis (Johnson). I went down to the team room and just watched them watch film and how they prep. 


Gopher Hole: You are an up-tempo player and the Gophers are more of an up-tempo team this season. Is that something that would appeal to you?


Marshawn Wilson: Yes, I love running up and down. As long as we have players who can run, I'm all for it.

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