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Gifts for the Avid Sports Fan

11/08/2019, 8:30am CST
By Jon Firman

When you are looking for a gift for an avid sports fan, some ideas will suit all ages from your six-month-old niece through to Great Uncle Albert. This is because if you know the sports team they follow, you can get them some official team apparel. There are team kits for new-borns as well as adults of all shapes and sizes. Whilst this is an obvious gift, here are some others.

Improve their favourite sport or game

Avid sports fans know that continuing training and instruction is vital to keep on top of a game. A day of coaching to improve skills is a gift that sportsmen will very much appreciate.  This could be a full day of coaching with a legend in the sport with lunch with several friends along with your instructor to celebrate the occasion.

Training can also be gifted online for those who play games such as poker. Upgrade his poker chips and add in a deck of playable poker cards that have been dipped in pure 24K gold that will surely impress his friends. There are many other gifts for him that are related to improving his game, including tech gifts such as a smartwatch, which is as good for work as it is for play.

Meet the players

Every avid sports fan wants to meet their favourite player. To find out if this is possible, contact their agent to see if it is possible to arrange a meet-up to celebrate the occasion.  For most people, a meeting is impossible, but the next best gift would be a personalised autograph from their favourite player. You will probably need to request this far in advance of the date you want to present your gift, so be prepared. Give some background information about your man to give the player a chance to write a personalised message to him.

Stadium tours

The top clubs regularly offer tours of their grounds or stadium where you can see behind the scenes and get to walk out onto the pitch, field or track just as the stars do.  As part of these tours, you often get a chance to meet with some of the big-name players. Check online to see which dates are hosting particular stars who often take part in a special question and answer session on the day.

Avid sports fans are often season-ticket holders who are able to attend the games, but for those who are not season-ticket holders, tickets to a game will be a perfect great gift.

Sports equipment

There is likely to be something in his sporting life that needs an upgrade. A new gym bag or a new five-iron, or perhaps a pair of the best shoes in the business that uses the latest innovative technology that breathes, stretches and supports feet better than ever before so that no only will he feel great, but he will look great too. Listen out for when he mentions anything new that he has seen and admires, you will be surprised at how many clues he drops.

Motivational T-shirts

Several individual sportsmen have brought out their own line of clothing. These are sportsmen that are or have been at the top of their game, sometimes beating incredible odds to succeed. A shirt with their popular slogan can be motivational for those still working hard in their careers or who want to inspire others. Here are a couple of ideas: “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” – George Hala; “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.” – Ronnie Lott

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