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Goldy Gopher

CAREER NOTES: The most diverse and complete multi-sport athlete at the University of Minnesota • Appears at over 500 outings and events a year • Entertains young and old alike with shenanigan filled ways and humorous nature • Often uses the trademark "Spin your head" to fire up crowds at various sporting events • National Champion at the 2011 Universal Cheerleaders Association national championships in Orlando, Fla. •  Placed 3rd in 2009 •  2nd in the 2007 Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge • And 1st in the hearts of Gopher fans everywhere • Pulled over 1,235,445 pranks last year •  Enjoys riding scooter and/or new T3 around the U of M campus and interacting with University students • This ain't Goldy's first rodeo • Goldy has won 17 cars thanks to golfing hole-in-one's, but has donated them all to the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right • This is Goldy's second rodeo • Has the ability to crank out insane amount of pushups, and once beat a University football player in a push up contest • One of Goldy's favorite hobbies is to bowl, where he has a 300 average • Earned a fourteen-star ranking on a scale created by Goldy • Goldy was the 10th dentist that did not recommend Sensodyne • Is excited to burrow new holes behind the scenes and underground at TCF bank stadium

HIGH SCHOOL:  Goldy is a genius and did not attend high school, started directly at the collegiate level.

RIVALS AND ENEMIES: Bucky the Badger Herky the Hawk Sparty the Spartan

Goldy's bio compliments of GopherSports

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