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Welcome to the New GopherHole


Dear GopherHole Community,

Welcome to the new GopherHole!!! For the past six months we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to dramatically enhance GopherHole and thank to the generosity of our community, we were able to significantly invest in the site and today we are excited to share this with you. In addition to a dramatically improved look and feel, we added a ton of new features including:

The new GopherHole is still a work in progress so if you see things that need to be fixed, changed or whatever, please let us know at Also, if there are items you would like added to the site please let us know.

Thanks again to everyone for their generous support of GopherHole. Just a reminder, we're in the middle of our donor drive, if you feel inclined to donate to GH you can do so here: This new site couldn’t have happened without your support.

We also want to thank the staff at Minneapolis-based TST Media who did an amazing job designing the new GopherHole. Their design, client service and back-end technology all blew us away. We are also incredibly appreciative of RichWeb, our IT and server provider as they continue to amaze us with their first class client service and expertise.

GopherHole Staff